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Depth Oriented Consulting
~ Individuals & Couples ~

I live with deep trust in the inner wisdom that lives within each being and am passionate about supporting people in connecting back into their inherent knowing. 


I use intuitive guidance, deep listening, archetypal perspectives, and story tracking to help clients identify, navigate, and shift the stories that they hold. 


Narratives affect how we see ourselves, others and the world around us. By looking at the stories we hold, we can change the way we see things, and in turn, how the things we experience feel. 

Image by Erin Wilson

Depth Oriented
Relational Resolution

~ Couples, Families, & Communities ~

My approach in relational conflict resolution stems from a holistic view of individuals within a greater system of existence and weaves mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and environmental factors compassionately into considerate council when I’m working with couples, families, and communities to relate, resolve conflict, and find deeper harmony in connection. 

I strive to support my clients to achieve lasting change in their lives and relationships through a balanced approach that centers around self-compassion, forgiveness, mindfulness, high self-worth and empowering narratives. 

I have a background in Psychology with a focus on trauma and Conflict Resolution with a focus on relational and inner work. The lens I see the world through is transpersonal in nature and curated to support moving towards and into wholeness and deep connection. 

Depth Oriented
Recovery Consulting

~ Individuals & Loved Ones ~

As a recovery counselor I show up as an understanding listener and processing partner for the journey that recovery is. I meet clients where they're at in their journey and move forward together from there. 

I weave depth perspectives into clients understanding of their journey with substance use to get deeper into the roots of how they got on the path they're on. This deeper work is supportive for forging new paths and a greater compassion and love for self.   


I am passionate about supporting people who are navigating recovery from chemical dependency. There are many ways to approach recovery and I'm happy to be a guide and support to explore different options available.

Image by Greg Rosenke
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