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Tending to your Inner World

Depth focused consulting & connection support

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~ Offerings ~

~ Individuals ~ 

~ Dream Work

~ Life Transitions

~ Boundary work

~ Navigating crisis

~ Integration work

~ Meaning making

~ Self-love support

~ Intuitive guidance

~ Transpersonal perspectives

~ Strengthening sense of wholeness

~ Support in (re)story-ing narratives

~ Guidance in self and shadow work

~ Couples & Close Knit Communities ~ 


~ Rebuild Trust

~ Enrich connection

~ Transform conflict

~ Find deeper harmony

~ Develop deeper listening 

~ Navigate family system dynamics

~ Identify and work with guiding narratives 

~ Navigate tough circumstances through deep dialogue

~ Individuals ~ 


~ Unraveling Shame

~ Developing resilience 

~ Self-compassion & forgiveness

~ Support in rebuilding relationships

~ Explore alternative approaches to recovery

~ Get in touch with and explore the symbolic aspects of addiction



Alaska Ogden

Depth-oriented consultant and connection-focused conflict transformation specialist based in the heart of Austin, TX.


Alaska is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She is currently practicing psychotherapy under the license of Dr. Michelle John while she walks the path to clinical licensure. She is also a clinical intern at Emerge Recovery TX.

She has a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Conflict Transformation from Portland State University. She has worked in the field of substance use disorders for thirteen years and in harm reduction for ten. 

Alaska works with a Jungian and transpersonal orientation, and her areas of focus are trauma, addiction, and the development of personal mythos. Her approach is non-pathologizing, collaborative, and empowering. It weaves the art of re-storying narratives, trauma-informed care, dreamwork, spiritual wisdom, and intuitive guidance. 

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