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Alaska Ogden

I've had a deep fascination in working with trauma and substance use disorders since I was a young child. This professional path was born out of my own personal spiritual and emotional healing and is a uniquely curated form of considerate and potent council. 


I’m trained in trauma-informed care, dialogue facilitation, interpersonal and intercultural conflict resolution, depth psychological theory, and rather knowledgeable in psychopharmacology. 

My approach is nonpathologizing, collaborative, and empowering. It weaves together the art of re-storying inner narratives, depth & transpersonal perspectives, and intuitive guidance.


I have a particular interest in story and how it plays such a big part in the well being of our inner and interpersonal experiences.


Our inner narrative is how we make meaning from what we experience. I have become very interested in using story tracking and illumination to help my clients find the tangles that we as humans find ourselves getting caught up on and finding a way to unravel the knots so that we can have more empowered and healthy life experiences and relationships.  


Photo by Katariina Agnes Fagering


Background & Training

I have been offering council and guidance for emotional and conflict navigation for the past eleven years for people with various backgrounds. It's been a lifelong pursuit to expand my capacity for this work. I began studying and working with people long before beginning to do so academically, first through the lens of archetypal astrology and eventually Gene Keys. I have been offering services under Restory for the last three years and am humbled to hold this container with clients. It's incredible to see the many layers of transformation that have been born out of the work that I have the honor to hold with my clients. 

Academically I pursued both Psychology and Conflict Resolution and graduated from Portland State University with a double Bachelors of Science Degree. Professionally I have been working in harm reduction for the past eight years, traveling internationally to provide outreach, education, and support. I am also on the board of a Harm Reduction Nonprofit called RestPit which provides sanctuary space, peer support, medical care, and outreach in the central Texas area. I am in a Master's program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, studying Counseling Psychology and walking the path to become a licensed psychotherapist. I'm also a clinical intern at an intensive outpatient recovery center in Austin, TX called Emerge Recovery. I have been with Emerge Recovery for a year and offer individual, family, and group therapy as well as psychoeducational classes there. 

In my studies of Psychology, my focus was on expanded state experiences, trauma, substance use disorders, and psychopharmacology. I resonate deeply with humanistic approaches, Jungian analysis, and ecological systems theory and work with each client to incorporate those perspectives. These approaches taught me a lot about the nuanced impacts of the many different aspects of our lives that shape us into who we are.   


As a passionate student of conflict transformation, I’ve learned to lean into the places that are uncomfortable and be a more dynamic relational being. It’s increased my ability to grow and support others in doing the same. Connection and conflict are more related than most understand, and both are rooted in opportunities for finding deeper alignment within ourselves. When you’re able to see and relate to conflict this way, it’s empowering as it is a doorway to a deeper and more sustainable relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you. Since conflict is present in all areas of our lives as humans, navigability within a space of conflict is a profoundly potent and useful skill set applicable to any context. It’s about meeting adversity with listening, wisdom, empathy, strength through softness and care, which creates space for healing and understanding.

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